System Mechanic Ultimate

System Mechanic Ultimate

All-in-one PC performance, security and privacy protection solution!

  • Boost your computer’s speed.
  • Remove resource-draining bloatware.
  • Block damaging malware.
  • Recover accidentally erased files.
  • Keep your search history private.
  • Thwart ? digital fingerprinting? that evades VPNs and cookie cleaners
  • Enhance identity theft protection.
  • Stop ad-trackers from following and targeting you.



Get 50% off System Mechanic Ultimate™. All-In-One PC Performance, Security and Privacy Protection.
System Mechanic Ultimate product is a bundle of the core iolo titles below.

  1. System Mechanic ® — Optimize your PC for peak performance by removing resource-draining bloatware and fixing frustrating errors, crashes and freezes.
  2. Privacy Guardian ™ — Protect your computer from digital privacy invasion and identity theft.
  3. System Shield ® — Prevent viruses and spyware from slowing you down.
  4. DriveScrubber ® — Quickly and securely erase data from your hard drive employing methods originally developed for the US Department of Defense.
  5. Search and Recover ™ — Recover important files that were accidentally deleted.

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