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Avast Internet Security


With real-time threat detection, automatic updates, and an extra layer of ransomware protection, it’s no surprise that Avast Internet Security is a most popular product.

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The Internet can be a wild, unpredictable place, so make sure you’ve got the Avast Internet Security you need to stay safe while browsing, shopping, and banking online.

PC Protection

  • Anti virus: Smart analytics find and prevent viruses, spyware, malware, ransom-ware, phishing and adware
  • Behavior Shield: Protects you from zero-second threats and ransomware by spotting suspicious behavior patterns
  • CyberCapture: Isolates anonymous documents to test them at the cloud and lets you know if they are safe to use
  • Real Site: Protects you from fake websites that steal your banking details and credentials
  • Sand-box: Evaluation and also play suspicious files in a safe environment until you let them run onto your own PC
  • Game Mode: Put notifications on hold automatically to make the most out of your gaming sessions
  • Anti-Spam: Dodge spam and other malicious content coming at you via email
  • Firewall: Essential security that monitors and controls what goes in and out of your computer
  • Ransom-ware Shield: Block untrusted applications from deleting, changing, or even encrypting your photos and files

Protection Beyond your PC

  • Wi-Fi Inspector: Automatically detects weaknesses in your home Wi-Fi to keep hackers away
  • Software Updater: Keeps your other software up to date to fix vulnerabilities and improve performance
  • Passwords: Lock all your accounts with one secure password, we’ll create new ones you can use to log in securely
  • SafeZone Browser: Surf and shop safely without changing your settings; comes with all the privacy and security features you need
  • In-product support: Send us a message right from your product and we’ll get back to you as soon as we c an
  • Rescue Disk: The ultimate backup, create a Rescue Disk image on a CD or USB drive to reboot into a computer that’s too infected to start

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