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AVG Antivirus is Award-winning products to protect your data for home, small offices and Corporate Business.


AVG PC TuneUp®

BreTech AVG PC
AVG Maintenance

Works automatically

Remembers to tune
so you don’t have to

AVG PC Health

Less crashing

Helps stop
freezing and crashing

AVG Window

Advanced customization

Powerful tools
to customize your PC

Just one click will get you that extra bit of power for:

  • Easier than ever.
  • Speed up your PC.
  • Improved Tuning Dashboard.
  • Free up space on your disk drive.
  • Improve your battery life & clean up with a few clicks.
  • Shows your PC’s tuning potential and never let you down.
BreTech AVG PC TuneUp

Award-winning Protection

Award Winning AVG
million active users
AVG Be Yourself

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