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Depositfiles 2 Month Gold Membership


Depositfiles is a perfect place to keep your precious files in safety and share them. With GOLD Membership you can download files quicker and with no speed limits! All you need is to create an account and upload files.


With Depositfiles 2 Month Gold Membership you can download files quicker and with no speed limits!
Want to download files quicker and with no speed limits? Sign up now for Depositfiles 2 Month Gold Membership, without wasting your time.

  • you can have multiple connections
  • you can use your file manager for downloading
  • no waiting time between downloading the file parts
  • no ADS at all!

Why use Depositfiles 2 Month Gold Membership?

  • Unlimited file storage time and space
  • Maximum upload file size – 10 GB
  • Easy file management
  • Link password protection
  • Files upload from remote HTTP or FTP servers
  • Free Depositfiles apps

DepositFiles service options

  • We store your files on our servers FREE for unlimited time.
  • Download your files from slow servers to our servers and store them for any period of time,
  • The largest possible size of a stored file is 2GB,
  • Unlimited total size of stored files,
  • Free software for uploading and downloading files,
  • Password protection for your files download,
  • Let us know when to delete your files.
  • Downloading files at any time.
  • Files downloading priority with

DepositVPN provide

  • Available servers in 8 countries.
  • logs are not recorded and kept
  • Unlimited traffic.

Ability to use the connection through:

  • OpenVPN Client;
  • PPTP;
  • SSH2 Tunnels;
  • Proxy server.
  • low price package