//AOMEI DDM Pro Edition + Free Lifetime Upgrades

AOMEI DDM Pro Edition + Free Lifetime Upgrades

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AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Professional performs all the tasks needed under Windows-based systems to deliver optimal performance. Dynamic Volume Management, Disk Converter and Step-by-Step Wizard will maximize disk space usage and optimize computer performance in a non-destructive process.

Lifetime Free Upgrades Explained: upgrade to every latest version without additional charge. Choose “Lifetime Free Upgrades” so that you will FREE receive all updates and new versions that are released after you buy.



Dynamic Disk Manager Pro + Free Upgrades Features:

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Pro + Free Upgrades is a kind of tool in concert with AOMEI Partition Assistant. It is a feature-rich and reliable dynamic disks and dynamic volumes management software for both physical and virtual Windows-based environments. The hard-to-come-by functions are brought together with innovative technology and enhanced data protection including: Dynamic Volume Management, Disk Manager and Step-by-Step Wizard.

Built on innovative technology and enhanced data protection, it provides basic and advanced features to create new volume, span volume across multiple disks, fix low disk space on C drive problem, move volume slice from one disk to another, convert dynamic disk to basic and so on. All the operations always aim at making your computer work efficiently.

  • Support Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (all editions, 32/64-bit).
  • Support simple volume, spanned volume, striped volume (Software RAID 0), mirrored volume (Software RAID 1) and Software RAID-5 volume.


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Dynamic Volume Management


  • Create dynamic volumes: set up mirrored volume in Windows 7 for fault-tolerance.
  • Delete volume to destroy data and Format volume with FAT or NTFS file system.
  • Resize dynamic disk to adjust volume size or location without losing data.
  • Shrink dynamic volume to maximize disk space usage.
  • Extend dynamic system/boot volume for optimal computer performance.
  • Move slice helps generate contiguous unallocated space behind C drive.
  • Change drive letter and volume label for easier recognition.

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Disk Converter


  • Convert dynamic disk to basic without data loss.
  • Convert basic disk to dynamic while keeping data safe.
  • Convert GPT disk to MBR and ensure data integrity.
  • Convert MBR disk to GPT with simple steps.
  • Convert GPT disk to MBR to install Windows OS.
  • Initialize disk as MBR or GPT.

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Step-by-Step Wizard


  • Create Volume Wizard simplifies the steps of dynamic disk configuration.
  • Add Drive to RAID: extend software RAID0 volume for your PC.
  • Remove Drive from RAID: shrink software RAID0 volume.
  • Move Volume Slice Wizard helps replace disks.


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