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Atomic CD Extractor supports any CD or DVD drive. Both single and multiple drives are supported. So you can search through the one you have selected, or scan several of them one-by-one. The disk number is automatically detected by the program. Atomic CD Email Extractor supports working in background mode, and you can stop the search whenever you needRecovered email addresses can be copied to the clipboard or saved to a local text file, as well as to MS Word or Excel.




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You do not even suspect how many usable email addresses there are on your drives. Atomic CD Email Extractor scans drives, detects email addresses, and stores the collected email addresses into a local file. You can easily improve and target the search process by using different filter rules and defining the files and folders to skip. By default, Atomic CD Extractor ignores those file types that cannot contain email addresses, such as music and graphics. This speeds up the search.

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Atomic CD Email Extractor Features

If you’ve got any files on CD/DVD, Atomic CD Email Extractor will extract email addresses from them.

  • Email address extracting

    Run the program and press “Start”. That is all you have to do. In a few minutes, you’ll retrieve a list of email addresses stored on your disk. Before running the program, make sure that a CD/DVD is in the computer.

  • Filter files

    There is an option to set the filter to your specifications:

    • “Only in these” – the user specifies the files he she wants to search.
    • “Do not search” – the user excludes files from the search: for example, any files that cannot contain email addressess (*.jpg, *.bmp and *.zip files).
  • Filter email addresses

    The user can mark the emails that will be excluded from the search. This is the good way to strike out emails, like those beginning with “no-reply”. Domain, user name, or the full e-mail addresses can match exceptions.

  • Email list management

    With Atomic CD Email Extractor, the user has the opportunity to manage the list of found emails. It is possible to sort emails alphabetically or to delete some of them. Also, the program points out suspicious addresses and permits you to edit or delete them.

  • Expanded log

    Everything that the program finds is placed in the log. It has 2 parts: “Email address” and “File name”.  The first displays all the extracted email addresses. The second shows the list of files that were searched and the number of emails extracted from each file. You are able to open, review and look through the highlighted file properties (in case the disk is still in the computer).

  • Export features

    Atomic CD Email Extractor can export all the found emails to:

    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Atomic products (Mail Sender, Mail Verifier, List Manager)
  • Integration with other Atomic products

    CD Email Extractor fully integrates with other Atomic products. Everything can be done in one click:

    • Send email with Atomic Mail Sender
    • Check the validity of addresses with Atomic Mail Verifier
    • Manage the list of email with Atomic List Manager.

    Atomic CD Email Extractor exports only extracted email addresses.

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