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Atomic Verifier Online

Atomic Verifier Online service provides you with the opportunity to check the validity of email addresses. This is a multi-functional service that should be used when your port 25 is blocked or you have a large list to verify.


Online platform for verifying email addresses

Before sending emails to lists you have not emailed for some time, you need to verify those email addresses. Email verification will decrease your bounce rate which will result in better delivery and inboxing rates.
Atomic Verifier Online is a service that can check your mailing lists quickly and efficiently.

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Main Features

Two-step verification

You can check email addresses for validity in two steps: syntax and domain verification. Our online verifier service allows to confirm the validity of emails with a good degree of certainty.

Detailed statistics

When the process of verification finishes, the software provides detailed statistics for the results. The program defines valid/invalid emails and emails that have problems, such as having no MX record, unknown hostname or no answer from the hostname.

24/7 support

You can get qualified help if you have any questions about using our service. Though the interface is simple and intuitive, rest assured that our support team is ready to help via online chat, phone, or email.

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How to start

  1. Create an Atomic Verifier Online account.
  2. Log into your Member Area and go to the “Create New Task” menu.
  3. Enter a task name and description.
  4. Load the mailing list.
  5. Click “Verify” and get checked email addresses.

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Atomic Verifier Online

Verification of email addresses in the mailing list is now as simple as possible: just register for our service, add a task, and upload your mailing list. After you click the “Start” button, the process of checking email addresses begins, the duration of which depends on the size of the downloaded list.

Address verification runs in multithread mode, which makes it possible to significantly speed up the verification process. The average speed check can range from 10 to 30 addresses per second or 1800 addresses per minute.

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And for other purposes »


High effectiveness of the validation

All the email address can be checked in two stages

  • Syntax check email addresses are checked for correspondence with the RFC registration standards
  • Domain check domains existence is checked. If a domain is correct – email address is valid, if not – email does not exist as well.

Due to such kind of verification, our service easily separates inexistent email addresses. No address is deleted from the list. All invalid emails obtain a certain status like “Unknown hostname” or “No MX records”.  Taking into consideration address’ statuses you can save only the necessary ones.

Importing data to verify

Atomic Verifier Online is able to import emails from different places:

  • The clipboard (the trial version has restriction in 100 email addresses)
  • *.csv, *.txt, *.xls, *.xlsx files
  • Due to the full integration with other Atomic products, our service can launch any kind of free email list right from them.

Detailed statistics

The service provides detailed statistics on the results of verification. In addition to the current status of addresses that can be changed during the verification process, the overall results of completed tasks displayed on the chart in the “Results” tab.

The program defines the following types of addresses:

  • Not checked
  • Valid
  • No MX records
  • Unknown hostname
  • Is not valid
  • No answer from hostname


Reports are generated in *.txt, *.csv, *.xls, *.pdf, *.xlsx formats.

Service allows you to store two types of addresses: valid and invalid. A user can select one type of address or save both valid and invalid addresses simultaneously.

Service allows you to save the generated report locally on your computer.

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How to use?

  1. Start working with Atomic Verifier Online from a welcome page.
    The service’s main menu is placed to the right and contains dropdown tabs.
    This welcome page encourages you to create a new tast of  email addresses verification.
  2. Load a lists of email addresses you want to verify.You can import mailing lists from local files or create a list manuallly by pasting mailing list from a clipboard file.Atomic Verifier Online checks as many email addresses as you load within minutes. You can save verified contacts into a file and use the list for sending mass email campaigns.
  3. After email addresses verification you will get a chart with checking results.This chart contains verification statuses with the percentage of email addresses which go under the specified status.You can export verification results into a local file and get a report on the task the service processed.
  4. All tasks you have ever created in your Verifier Online account are available in the “Tasks” tab.Look through completed tasks and choose the actions in case you want to re-start email addresses verification on remove one of the tasks.
  5. In the “Biiling” menu tab you can buy, extend or cancel payments for Atomic Verifier Online service.

    Pay attention, that if you use a trial service account, there are some limitations on the number of verifications and the amount of email addresses in the mailing list.

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