//AVG PC TuneUp Business Edition 2018

AVG PC TuneUp Business Edition 2018


AVG PC TuneUp for Business will help get your desktops and laptops working faster and longer and clean up your computers automatically. Why waste your or your admin’s time on routine tasks? AVG PC TuneUp for Business does it all for you!

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Ever had to wait for ages for your PCs to boot? Running out of battery life when working remotely? AVG PC TuneUp Business Edition will help get your desktops and laptops working faster and longer. Automatic Maintenance and integrated health and performance advisors help speed up and clean up your computers automatically.

  • Automatic Maintenance & 1-Click Maintenance
    All Windows® systems need regular health and performance inspections: AVG’s Automatic Maintenance fixes and helps optimize 6 core operating system areas.
  • Health & Performance Advisors
    AVG PC Performance and PC Health advisors constantly check for dozens of problems, such as missing drivers, hard disk problems, incorrect settings, and performance bottlenecks and often-times offer 1-click fixes.
  • Performance Monitoring
    Check your monthly Optimization Report to learn all about the optimizations that have been performed on your PC clients.

AVG PC TuneUp Business Edition 2018 works faster & save time

Over time, your desktops and laptops stop working as efficiently as they once did, often leading to sluggish programs, annoying load times, stability issues, and slow boot ups. AVG PC TuneUp Business Edition 2018 helps prevent this gradual slowdown and helps boost PC performance to day-1 levels.

Automatic Maintenance & 1-Click Mainten

  • Significantly Higher Performance
    Patented Program Deactivator technology automatically turns off resource-draining background activity that slows down your PCs – and your business!
  • Better Responsiveness & Speed
  • Had enough of lags and loading times at work? Live Optimization’s algorithms intelligently and automatically focus your processing power on the task at hand.
  • Lightening-Fast Startup Time
    Gone are the times you could drink a coffee in the morning while waiting for your PC to start up. AVG PC TuneUp’s Startup Manager is the key.

Get more space for what’s important

Windows and your programs continuously accumulate invisible data residue. AVG PC TuneUp’s cleaning functionality helps you save precious storage space for your business-critical files.

  • More Disk Space & Reliability
    AVG Disk Cleaner detects leftover files in 28 Windows features and 220+ third-party applications. And AVG Duplicate Finder helps you find duplicate files, like PhotoShop files and accidental backups.
  • Cleaner, Faster Browsing
    AVG Browser Cleaner removes over 60 different types of browser traces left behind from over 25 browsers, including Internet Explorer®, Google Crome™, and Firefox®.
  • Uninstall Old Software
    AVG Uninstaller identifies software you or your staff haven’t used in a while and allows you to easily remove it for more performance and disk space.

Automatic Tuning & Maintenance
Does it all for you

Automatic Maintenance & 1-Click Maintenance

AVG PC TuneUp Business Edition checks, recommends and resolves problems without you lifting a finger: Automatic Maintenance performs routine maintenance when you’re not using your PC, including defragmenting your hard drive and registry, removing broken shortcuts, and more.

Automatic Cleaning Updates

Stays tuned: Disk Cleaner and Browser Cleaner remove unnecessary data clutter and traces from more than 220 applications, 30 Windows® features, and 25 browsers. And that’s just the beginning: with Automatic Cleaning Updates, the list of applications that we support is ever growing. We’ll regularly update your software with improved cleaning capabilities to help keep your PC squeaky clean.

All-New Tuning Dashboard new2

AVG PC TuneUp Business Edition 2018 new user interface immediately shows you how much you can tune up, clean up, extend battery, and fix problems. Click on any tile, such as Free Up Space, to see a detailed breakdown of your tuning potential and cleaning.

Health & Performance Advisors

The Increase Performance advisor automatically looks for programs you haven’t used in a while, features that slow down your PC, and even hardware bottlenecks, while the Fix problems wizard performs approximately 200 checks on drivers, Windows settings, security, privacy, and your hard drive.

More Speed
Helps restore your PC to top speed

  • Program Deactivator
    AVG PC TuneUp Business Edition is the world’s first automatic and patented PC energizer reduces slowdowns caused by your installed programs – simply by pausing and unpausing them when you need them.
  • Live Optimization
    Real-time tuning for maximum performance: Live Optimization automatically and intelligently limits the CPU usage of performance-hogs and focuses your PC clients’ performance on the task at hand.
  • Startup Optimizer & Manager
    Helps you reduce boot and shutdown times of your PC clients drastically by showing which programs or settings affect startup.
  • Turbo Mode
    Unlock hidden performance for your business applications by turning off 70 invisible resource-hungry applications – at the click of a button!
  • Drive Defrag
    Speeds up disk access and reduces delays by restructuring the data on your disk more effectively.

More Disk Space
Gives back valuable space for what’s important

  • AVG Disk Cleaner
    Frees disk space and speeds your PC by removing temporary files, logs, and other redundant files to free up storage for your business-critical data.
  • AVG Browser Cleaner
    Quickly and easily protects user privacy, fixes problems when browsing websites, and restores disk space by deleting data trails left over by more than 25 browsers.
  • AVG Uninstall Manager
    Manage your PC clients’ programs more effectively – and get rid of outdated and unwanted software for more space and performance. 
  • AVG Duplicate Finder
    Easily find and remove duplicate photos, music, documents, and other files to save valuable disk space. 
  • AVG Shortcut Cleaner
    Covers your tracks and cleans up old file lists: Finds and deletes old shortcuts and lists of recently used programs. 
  • AVG Registry Cleaner & Defrag
    Cleans your Windows registry, helps solve problems with 3rd-party software, and repairs structural defects.

Longer Battery life
Work longer & save electricity

  • Economy Mode
    Helps reduce the power consumption of the processor, switching off unnecessary background processes and limiting the power drain by internal and external devices. Get longer battery life for your laptops and save electricity on your desktop PCs, thanks to our improved power management system.
  • Flight Mode
    Save even more battery and keep working while on business flights by switching off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with a single click.

More Reliability & Security
Fix & prevent problems

  • Disk Doctor
    Crashes, hardware defects, and power blackouts can lead to file system problems that prevent programs from starting. Disk Doctor helps prevent this problem by thoroughly checking files and fixing issues.
  • AVG Undelete
    Last-minute file recovery that helps you prevent disastrous data loss and allows you to restore previously deleted files.
  • AVG File Shredder
    Simply deleting a file doesn’t necessarily mean it’s actually deleted, as all those bits and bytes are still intact. File Shredder deletes sensitive data once and for all by overwriting files using secure algorithms.
  • AVG Repair Wizard
    Got a problem with your business laptops or PCs? AVG PC TuneUp Business Edition Repair Wizard offers multiple 1-Click Fixes for common Windows issues.

More Power Tools
For the power users

  • AVG Disk Space Explorer
    Analyzes internal and external hard drives finds the 100 largest files that are taking up disk space and lets you quickly delete them.
  • AVG Process Manager
    Details what’s hogging your CPU and RAM resources informs you of locked files and notifies you of resource-hungry applications.
  • AVG System Information
    Helps you learn all about your PC clients’ components, details all resources, and helps you diagnose hardware issues.
  • AVG System Control
    Customize over 400 hidden Windows settings to improve the usability, security, and functionality of your OS and programs.

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