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Email Recovery Software to recover individual email messages deleted from a Microsoft Outlook .PST or Outlook Express .DBX email files. Simple to use, scan your .PST or .DBX files to view mail recovery results. Also used to read corrupt or damaged email .PST or .DBX files.

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To download GetData Email Recovery Software:

Download GetData Email Recovery Software – Mail Recovery for Outlook and Outlook Express

  1. Click the Download Now button and save the RecoverMyEmail-Setup.exe installation program to your computer. Once saved, run this file to install the program.
  2. Once installed, run the program and open you problem email file.
  3. Process the email file and view the email recovery results. To save your email purchase an Activation Key to activate the save feature of Recover My Email.

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GetData Email Recovery Software to recover mail:


  • Outlook (PST recovery): 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 (including Outlook 2010 32 and 64 bit versions)
  • Outlook Express (DBX recovery): All versions

GetData Email Recovery Software is mail recovery software that can recover deleted email messages from either your Microsoft Outlook PST file or your Microsoft Outlook Express DBX files.

If you have accidentally deleted email and need email recovery, this is the software for you:

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PST Repair with GetData Email Recovery Software


  • Mail recovery for deleted email in Outlook 98, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010*. More effective than the scanpst Inbox Repair Tool.
  • Recover Outlook Express – All Versions
  • See the email recovery before you decide to purchase.
  • Repair corrupt Microsoft Outlook PST and Outlook Express DBX files
  • Save email recovery results into a new error free Outlook PST or as EML files
  • Mail recovery for Outlook .PST files with the 2GB size limit problem.
  • Recovers email attachments and contacts

Download and try GetData Email Recovery Software now, and give PST Repair a try today. Use the evaluation version to fully preview email recovery results including message attachments. Once you activate the program, quickly save an error free copy of your lost, deleted, or corrupt email messages.

If you use Microsoft Outlook (PST Recovery)

  • Recover deleted email messages and attachments from your Personal Storage File (PST).
  • Save mail recovery results, including messages contacts and attachments in an error free new PST file with full folder structure.
  • Open and read corrupt Outlook PST files and recover email and attachments.

If you use Microsoft Outlook Express (DBX Recovery)

  • Recover deleted email messages and attachments from your individual Outlook Express DBX files.
  • Save the email recovery messages and attachments and import them back into Outlook Express.

GetData Email Recovery Software will quickly and easily recover messages or deleted email attachments from your Microsoft mail box. No technical skill is required for this recovery software email.

You do not need Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express installed to use this mail recovery software. Just open and process the file, preview the recovered email messages and attachments, and save the results.

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GetData Email Recovery Software For Microsoft Outlook

Looking for an easy solution to recover deleted mail?


Recover My Email Software recovers deleted email messages and attachments in all versions of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. It can also access corrupt Outlook .PST files and corrupt Outlook Express .DBX files, even if these programs are not installed on the computer.

No technical skill is required to recover deleted email. All you need to do is follow these simple steps outlined below:

STEP 1Take a backup of your mail file

Before you use Recover My Email, take a back up of the of your Outlook PST or Outlook Express DBX files. Use the copy as the file from which you will attempt to recover deleted email. In addition to having the safety of a backup, the benefit of this is that you will be able to open and continue to use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express as normal.

STEP 2Open and process the PST or DBX file

After downloading and installing the Recover My Email software, select “Open Email Data Files”. Once selected, the file will automatically process. Recover My Email does not change the contents of your email file in any way during the recovery process.

STEP 3 Preview the search results, including deleted messages

This is perhaps the best feature of Recover My Email software. You can preview and recover deleted mail and messages.

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Welcome to the Quick-start Guide for Recover My Email

We believe it is important for you to understand how easy it is to actually recover your deleted email. No need to panic – just simply use GetData’s Recover My Email for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express and we will guide you thru a 3-step process of getting your deleted or lost emails and attachments back.

Should you have some additional or very specific questions that we are not answering within this Quick start Guide, please visit our Support Centre. Our skilled and friendly support staff will help you with all your questions.

1. Make a copy of your Outlook .PST file or your Outlook Express .DBX files

First of all you should close your Microsoft email program.

In a second step, you should take a copy of your email file/s, before you use Recover My Email.

For Microsoft Outlook, the default path to make such a copy is usually the following:

C:Documents and Settings > user name > Local Settings > Application Data > Microsoft Outlook

For Microsoft Outlook Express, the default path to make such a copy is usually the following:

C:Documents and Settings > [your profile name] > Local Settings > Application Data > Identities > [your profile number] > Microsoft > Outlook Express

Use the copy as the file from which you will attempt to recover deleted email. In addition to having a backup, the benefit of this is that you can continue to use your existing email.

2. Download and Install Recover My Email

Now you are ready to actually to download and install Recover My Email

3. Test Recover My Email before you buy it!

In the stressful situation of losing important emails and attachments one wants to have the reassurance that the software bought actually delivers the desired results: It recovers your deleted emails!

For that reason we offer you to download our recover software and test it for free. The trial version performs exactly the way the full version does – the only difference is that once you can preview your recovered emails and you want to save them, you will be asked to buy the software.

Download and Install Recover My Email

The next steps described below will give you a overview as to how the data recovery exactly works. Please keep in mind that you can always contact us in our Support Center should you face any difficulties recovering your deleted emails.

4. Select the file on which to perform the email data recovery

Run Recover My Email by clicking the desktop icon or selecting Start > All Programs > Recover My Email.

Then select File > Open Email Data File, or click the icon.

Navigate to the copy of your Outlook.pst or Outlook Express.dbx files. If you have not already made a backup copy of the files you can make one here using the right mouse click ‘copy’ and right mouse click ‘paste’ function.

Once you select the required file, click ‘Open’ the file will automatically process. Recover My Email does not change the contents of the email file being searched.

5. Preview and check the results

At the completion of processing you will see the results screen. Recover My Email shows both your ‘active’ email and any deleted mail messages that can be recovered.

The left hand Window contains the folder structure (Outlook only). Navigate through the folders to look for your deleted messages.

The top right hand Window contains the message properties, such as ‘To’, ‘Recipient’ and ‘Subject’ (note that messages can be sorted by clicking on column headings). Click on a message in the top window to show the contents of this message in the bottom preview window, as shown below:

email recovery If a messages content is displayed in the message preview window then the message and it’s attachments, if any, can be recovered. If the content of a message cannot be previewed then it cannot be recovered.

Congratulations! You have successfully recovered your deleted Email!

Once you have completed the other steps of the Email Recovery process, you should by now be able to preview all your recovered Outlook emails in Recover My Email.

We have constant contact with our customers and thus we know that previewing the recovered emails brings enormous relief to them. Gaining your trust into our software development and your feedback is very important to us – and we make sure we deserve this trust with continuously improving our data recovery products.

Below please find the description of the last step in the data recovery process of retrieving your deleted Outlook files.

6. Activate the program and Save Messages

You must activate the program in order to save recovered messages. Click on the purchase links at www.recover-my-email.com to purchase a registration key.

The activation key is delivered at the conclusion of the purchase process (or as soon as your credit card provider authorizes the transaction). The activation key is entered by clicking ‘Help’ in the top most program menu. Cut and paste your details into the activation fields provided.

There are three ways to save a message:

Save messages as EML files:

Right click on a message in the top right hand window and select ‘save as .EML file’. An ‘.EML’ file can then be saved to any location. Double click on the EML file to open it.

Cut and Paste the Contents of Recovered Messages

In the ‘Normal Text’ view of the message preview window, highlight some text with your mouse and select copy and paste to paste the message into another application (such as a word processor).

Save Messages to a new ‘.PST’ file

Place a green tick in the box next to the messages that you wish to save. Click the ‘Save Messages’ button. You will be prompted to save messages into a new ‘.PST’ file. Use Microsoft Outlook to open this file by selecting File > Open > Outlook Data File and selecting this PST.

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Supported File Types

  • Recover email messages from Microsoft Outlook versions, including Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007;
  • Recover email from all Outlook Express versions.

Secure Inbox Repair Tool

  • GetData Email Recovery Software is a secure Inbox Repair Tool that does not repair or change the contents of the PST or DBX file being examined, but allows the contents of the file to be opened and then extracted to a new error free file.
  • In evaluation mode Recover My Email inbox repair tool can preview the contents of messages and attachments that can be recovered. A Recover My Email product activation key is required to save the recovered messages.
  • Messages can be saved to a new Outlook.pst file or as individual .eml files.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Microsoft’s Inbox Repair Tool.
  • We recommend that you take a backup copy of your Outlook .PST or Outlook Express .DBX email files prior to commencing mail recovery. Refer to the support section for more information on how to do this.

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