//Xara Page & Layout Designer 11

Xara Page & Layout Designer 11


Page & Layout Designer combines all the text and page layout features of typical word processor & DTP packages with the image editing power of Xara’s award winning illustration & photo editing tools, to produce a fully integrated, flexible & powerful ‘Document Processor’.

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Page & Layout Designer combines all the text and page layout features of typical word processor and DTP software with the image editing power of our illustration and photo editing tools, based on decades of experience creating graphic design products. The result is a fully integrated, flexible and powerful ‘Document Processor’ that can be used to create everything from business cards to multi-page brochures.


Advanced Text Handling

Page & Layout Designer offers everything you need for manipulating text.
You can enter your text at any angle and you can also set your text along a curved path. Additionally, just like any drawn object in Page & Layout Designer, you can freely resize it on the page, and produce creative display text by applying any of the effects, such as transparency, fills, molds and so on – and yet the text remains editable.

Spell check

Powerful spell checker offering check-as-you-type, word suggestions, and a user-dictionary – so you can focus on designing documents! Find and correct any mistakes quickly and easily, in realtime while typing.

AutoCorrect / Abbreviation Expansion

Create your own list of abbreviations that will be automatically expanded as you type, so, for example, PLD could be expanded to Page & Layout Designer as you type. It’s great for symbols too – for example, you might set up yen to render ¥.

Intuitive Page Layout

Page & Layout Designer offers everything you need for professional DTP, combining advanced text controls with flexible page layout features such as drag and drop editing of images and automatic text flow around objects. It adds up to complete design freedom for all your page design work!

Publishing to the Web

With Page & Layout Designer you can publish your multi-page print document on the web as a single scrollable document called a ‘Supersite’ – it’s easy to view, totally WYSIWYG, and perfect for fast skimming and browsing of long documents or sharing your documents with others, without the bother of PDF. Great for viewing on touch devices like iPADs.

Professional Color & Commercial Printing

Page & Layout Designer gives you access to professional color schemes such as CMYK, HSV, and PANTONE® so you can get the colors in your brochure, flyer or poster just right. It includes PANTONE color libraries for use as both spot color and PANTONE process color equivalents.

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Dimensions100 × 30 cm