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Xara Designer is the world’s fastest and award winning graphics and illustration desktop-publishing software since 1981.

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Amazing Benefits To Make Your Creative Life Awesome;

  • The world’s most advanced WYSIWYG web page creator – and with no HTML skills required!
  • The ultra fast processing, Based on one of the world’s most sophisticated, high performance vector rendering engines.
  • Best way for all your creative work, for print and the web. This is a great choice for all your graphic design needs.
  • Allows you to do amazing things with photos, includes really intuitive vector drawing tools and advanced text handling.
  • Fully integrated, flexible and powerful ‘Document Processor’ that can be used to create everything from business cards to multi-page brochures.
  • Traditional web authoring tools are really just HTML editors, originally designed to create text layouts, providing few graphical capabilities.

Latest additions in Xara include:

  • A quick and easy way of cutting an object out of a photo. icon new gif
  • Almost 40 new ‘on reveal’ animation types with parallax effects. icon new gif
  • Now you can simply ‘paint’ on photo effects such as the new dodge and burn. icon new gif
  • Create dramatic contrast and saturation effects with this new option on the photo enhance toolbar. icon new gif
  • An enhancement of the ‘sticky’ feature that lets you stick an object to the top of the page when it reaches it. icon new gif
  • Continued improvements to Xara Online Designer, which offers remote editing of your website, from anywhere and on any device. icon new gif
  • The Font Awesome symbols are supplemented by Google’s Material Design icons, making more than 1500 integrated symbols & icons in total, with new search feature. icon new gif
  • Additions include photo grids, a cool new way to display your photos, and other new SmartShapes such as charts and percentage rings, text & photo panels and a new spiral. icon new gif

Xara Graphics Designer is based on one of the world’s most sophisticated, high performance vector graphics engines. This is the perfect choice for your all professional design work, ideal for both print and the web. It’s equally flexible with vector or bitmap graphics, making it perfect for any design that requires drawing, photos and/or text: Drawings from simple button or logo designs to incredibly detailed illustrations; print documents from single page posters to multi-page brochures; web documents from single web pages to complete sites. It takes a new approach to web creation by being design-based andgives you the freedom to place anything anywhere on the page. Traditional web authoring tools are really just HTML editors, designed to create text layout with few, if any, graphical capabilities. You are expected to use separate graphics tools to create your web graphics and photos, despite the fact that the vast majority of websites are primarily graphical designs.

Traditional web authoring tools tend to be complex to use, are often aimed at programmers and provide features such as HTML and script editing. It provides all the graphics features you are ever likely to require. No other software is required. Further, it provides an easy way to create interactive effects, such as pop-up photos, NavBar menus or mouseover effects that are all commonplace on the web. You can repel text around objects on your page, or have non-straight edges to your text – things that are traditionally very difficult, even for advanced web designers or HTML coders. And it does all this without requiring a single line of HTML or script.

BreTech Xara For Education

Special Discounts For Educational Institutes

  • Vector computer graphics for illustrations, drawings, cartooning, 2D and 3D
  • Bitmap computer graphics including photo editing and photo compositions
  • DTP and document creation including business documents, posters, newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, user guides, and web documents
  • Creating online presentations (for visitors to step through under their own steam, or remotely hosted)
  • All products are shipped with introductory movie tutorials and example graphics so you can see results in minutes, not hours!
  • For more details see our Special Discounts

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I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for your creative producs. Xara Designer Pro is most useful and best software ever.

Saleem Iqbal

That is so amazing, not only do provide a brilliant product you also provide the best customer service I have ever received. Thank you very much.

David Johnson

I must take this opportunity to thank you for an amazing product. Well done to all of you. Thanks for doing such a fantastic job with your products!

Jim V

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