About BreTech

BreTech has come back again with a lot better excitements and many useful sources for our loving customers. A house with full of your expectations.

BreTech is the House of Original Computer Softwares. So being Original, we love to spread originality through our products and valuable services.
We are Official Partners, Distributors and Authorized Re-Sellers for top awarded leading Computer Softwares like: AVG, AVAST, BullGuard and much more Antivirus Softwares, Graphic Software, PC Recovery Softwares and many others Computer Softwares in Pakistan.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to provide protection for Homes, Businesses, Non profit Organizations, Charities, Educational Organizations, Government Institutes, Health Care Institutes and to increase creative ability in our prospective customers i.e. how we provide creative Graphic Softwares such by Xara.

Our History:

BreTech was originally established in 1988 as Basit Repairing Electronics. Initially, it started from Sound system, Electronics projects, Satellite Receivers, Printed Circuit Boards processing, Troubleshooting, Industrial Electronic Projects, UPS, AVR and consequently involved in Cellular Phone industry in 2001, BreTech explored a wide range of services from unlocking & mobile phone troubleshooting, repairing through http://www.bregsm.com.

We also served to our valued customers by providing different files servers accounts of different File Hosting Companies through http://www.youremart.com & http://www.netfileservices.com. e.g. RapidShare, FileServe, Letitbit, Hotfile, Depositefiles, etc.

Our Priority:

Our contribution and incredible services including performance optimization, personal privacy, securities, PC Tools and identity protection fulfill entire satisfaction of our valueable customers.
Now we are Official Partners of well reputed company in Pakistan for Original Computer Softwares such as BullGuard, AVG, AVAST, IDM, GetData, Kernel Data Recovery, EaseUS, AtomPark Software, WinRAR, Xara and much more. By choosing BreTech software products, our clients become a part of trusted global community member and feel secure in all aspects.

Our Special Offers:

We Offer Special discounts for Upgrades, Non profit Organizations, Charities, Educational Organizations, Government Institutes, Health Care Institutes levels.

We also provide promotional limited time offers.

You choose us and we will expedite your entire expectations.

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