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Atomic Email Logger is a program that will extract all email addresses stored on your hard drive. It is fast, easy-to-use software that does not require an Internet connection.




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Extract emails from Word, Excel, PDF, and other files on your hard drive

Atomic Email Logger is one of the places that contains a lot of email addresses is your PC: your hard drive. Have you ever thought of the number of emails stored there? They can be located anywhere—in Program Files, the Internet browser cache, Outlook’s “personal” folder, and so on. Why not use them?

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Main Features

Word, Excel and PDF files

Plugin technology allows the extraction of addresses from any file types. The basic files from which the program harvests are *.doc, *.docx, *.pdf, *.xls, and *.xlsx. File size should not exceed 500 Mb.

Extract from selected folders

The software can scan all files in a specific folder and extract email addresses from them. This is a great time-saver if you have many files with contact information.

Existance of extra plugins

Installing additional plugins provides the opportunity to extract emails from PST files, CSV files, ZIP, RAR, ACE, and GZ archives, and popular email clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, The Bat, Eudora, Incredimail).

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How to start the process of extraction

Atomic Email Logger is created to make searching for email addresses convenient. It is easy to use, fast, and effective in harvesting email addresses.

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How to start

  1. Open the program
  2. Choose the hard drive, folder, or file you want to extract from, and push “OK”
  3. Atomic Email Logger will extract all of the addresses and will offer you the opportunity to save them into a file.

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Atomic Email Logger

Even less tech-savvy users can manage Atomic Email Logger. Besides its user-friendly interface, the program offers the opportunity to filter necessary email addresses and save them to MS Word, Excel or Open Office files, or the clipboard.

Looking for more email addresses? There are much more sources where you can get them like websites, newsgroups, whois database, but you need a specific software. We’ve developed Atomic Email Hunter and other extractors for scanning the Internet and extracting contact data. Thus, you can collect addresses from websites, extract emails from gmail, gather contact data from CD/DVD and so on. Find more information about email extractors at our website.

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See all the other features »

Email addresses stored on your PC or removable drives can easily be extracted with Atomic Email Logger. Using different plugins, a user can process any type of file. We recommend using Atomic Email Logger for several reasons:

Expand search places

The first place that should be scanned is your browser’s temporary files. Hundreds and thousands of emails are situated there. After you visit a website, all of its hidden addresses are placed into these temporary files. My Documents and Program files are the typical locations of email clients.


Email addresses located in *.doc, *.docx, *.pdf, *.wab, *.xls, and *.xlsx files can be extracted with the standard free plugins. The maximum file size is 500 Mb.

If you need to search through popular email clients (The Bat, Eudora, Outlook Express, Outlook, Incredimail) or PST files, CSV files, ZIP, RAR, ACE and GZ archives, you can get additional plugins.

Extract contacts from Skype

By choosing “Skype History” in the Start section, the software automatically scans the vault for chat history, sent and received files, and lists of contacts for any email. After search data is filtered, it deletes the duplicates and suspicious addresses. Learn more about Skype Email Extractor

Email filters

In “Common Settings/File Types,” you can set the types of processed files or make filter specifications according to email address contents.

Email address management

Built-in features for managing the mailing list provide an opportunity to edit extracted addresses. You can:

  • Add a highlighted contact
  • Edit a highlighted contact
  • Delete duplicates and suspicious addresses according to specified criteria

High speed

The high speed of file processing is due to the fact that all files are already located on the disk. The process of disk scanning lasts not more than a few minutes. At the end of it, you get a big list with thousands of new email addresses.

Process file preview

During the search process, you have the opportunity to access the list of processed files. Atomic Email Logger allows you to review the list of email addresses that were extracted from the current file.

Export features

The program can export extracted emails to:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Text file
  • Clipboard
  • Other Atomic products

Mass email and list management product integration

After extracting emails, you can send mass emails to them using Atomic Mail Sender, or verify their validity with Atomic Email Verifier.

If you start Atomic Email Logger while using Atomic Email Studio, all of the operations of file creation and exchange between the programs will be done automatically by Atomic Email Studio.

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How to use?

  1. Atomic Email Logger is a software that can scan your hard disk and extract as many email addresses the included files contains.By default, you can select one or several disks. The program will search them through and collect all available email addresses.Pay attention that Email Logger does not support removable hard drives.
  2. Atomic Email Logger supports working with all file types. But for processeding some of them you need to install additional pluging.The plugin technology is very simple: you order additional plugins and activate them. Then this email extractor will run at full power and extract more email addresses.Learn more about plugins in the user manual or contact our customer support.
  3. Feel free to manage contacts list.You can add, delete or edit a contact, and search through the list for the contact you need. Improve your list of email addresses by deleting bad, suspicious and duplicated contacts.Or you are able to filter and export your list.
  4. If you need, you can get a list of files where these email addresses were found. And exactly the correspondence between an email address and a local file.Export files list and explore the reached files with email addresses.Promise, you will be surprised of how many email addresses your hard disk contains.
  5. Registered version of Atomic Email Logger suppports saving extracted email addresses.

    According to your needs you can choose files location and the type of saving, whether it will be the clipborad files, office application files or other Atomic applications.

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